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Welcome to Blake Elementary School


BLAKE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL – where ranching and learning go hand in hand.

Click on the link to view a recent KERO TV 23 news report about our school!

Blake Elementary School is located in the small ranching community of Woody, California, approximately 35 miles from Bakersfield. This historic school services Kindergarten through Eighth grade students, in which the students are instructed in a K-8 grade, self-contained, one room schoolhouse. The Blake School District is one of the smallest school districts in the state of California.

The Blake School District employs one credentialed teacher/principal, Mrs. Timari Duty, one part-time Administrative Secretary/Teacher Aide, Mrs. Jaenna Barnard, and one part-time custodian Ana West. Blake Elementary school receives administration services and Speech/language services, which are contracted through Kern County Superintendent of Schools. The Blake School District Board consists of three board members from our Woody community.

COVID-19 Operations Written Report for Blake School District


SELPA Public Hearing

Public Hearing Notice 2020-21 PDF

Notice of Public Hearing Spanish Version 20-21


To view our EPA Expenditures for 2017-2018 school year, click the link below:

Actual EPA Expenditures for 2018-19 & Budgeted EPA Expenditures for 2019-20

EPA Expenditures

To View the proposed budget for the 2019-2020 School Year, click the link below:

Blake Budget Complete 19-20

To view the Learning Continuity and Attendance Plan, click the link below:

Learning Continuity Plan 2020.docx (2)



AGENDA 2021 July 14

AGENDA 2021 July Special Meeting

AGENDA 2021, June 9

AGENDA 2021, June 10

AGENDA 2021 MAY 12

AGENDA 2021. April 14


AGENDA 2021 February 17

AGENDA 2021 January 13 

Notification of Stakeholders meeting 2021

AGENDA 2020. December 16

AGENDA 2020. November 11

AGENDA 2020, October 12

AGENDA 2020. September 9

AGENDA 2020. August 19 Special Meeting

AGENDA 2020. August 12

AGENDA 2020 July 15

AGENDA 2020, June 10

AGENDA 2020 May 13

AGENDA 2020, April 15

AGENDA 2020. March 11

AGENDA 2020 February 12

AGENDA 2019 January 8

AGENDA 2019 December 16

AGENDA 2019. November 14

AGENDA 2019, October 9

AGENDA 2019. September 11

AGENDA 2019. August 14

Notification of Stakeholders meeting 2019

If you have any questions concerning these events, please call the Blake School office at 536-8559 or email Timari Duty @ We are happy for parents to participate in any field trip or activity!