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Board Goals

Blake School is committed to laying a firm educational foundation for each and every student. While serving in this diverse classroom, the staff, community, and Administration are determined to achieve success in producing an active learning environment for all students. The district has high expectations of not only the students, but of the highly qualified personnel it employs. This district is focused on the whole student; therefore, staff and volunteers must create within the classroom and campus, a safe and orderly environment conductive to learning and maturing.

The Blake School Board has committed to the following 3 year goals:

Upgrade and maintain school facilities.
Attract and retain highly qualified and effective staff
Students proficient at grade level
Provide instructional materials appropriate to multi graded classrooms
Fiscally sound protecting the classroom from reductions in services
Review the educational needs of all students, K-8th grade.
Adoption of Educational Benchmarks for all grade levels.
Formation of a School Site Council (not required).

How Are We Doing?

The Blake School District is actively pursuring the achievement of each our stated goals. In the Summer of 2007, the historic Red School House (the Ward Muriel Woody Library and Art Center) underwent a certified removal of all lead paint on the exterior and repainted and sealed.

In the Spring of 2008, the Blake School Board approved the employment of our new Teacher/Principal, Mrs. Dawn Carver. Mrs. Carver is a graduate of CSUB, with a degree in Liberal Arts. She has a Multiple Subject Teaching Creditial, valid until 2011. Mrs. Carver was a outstanding teacher in the Kernville area for many years, teaching multiple grade levels. Her passion for teaching is evident the very first time you enter her classroom. Mrs. Carver dedicates herself to the improvement of the instuctional quality at Blake and to the achievement of the students.

In the Fall of 2007, Blake Elementarty School added the Mavis Typing Program, ALEKS Math and Scholastic Reading Counts! programs to their instructional resouces. These programs will bring our students opportunities to succeed in Reading, Math and Keyboard efficiency. The students are already showing great improvements in their math and typing scores. Each student is able to work on the computers, at their own level of education and be instantly rewarded for their achievements. Scholastic Reading Counts motivated our students to read over 300 books in 6 short months! Their comprehension scores averaged over 80% and reading levels for all students increased by at least one grade level.

As of the Fall of 2008, our students each have text books and workbooks that meet the California State Standards, including our recently adopted California Mathematics curriculum. Our current curcirculum includes:
Houghton-Mifflin: Language of Literature
McMilliam/McGraw: California Mathematics
Houghton-Mifflin: Science
Houghton-Mifflin: Social Studies

The Blake School Board has completed updating our Board Policies and By-Laws with the assistance of our KCSOS Superindent Mr. Bud Burrow and Mr. Michael Coleman (Contract Editor of our Board Policies). The Blake School Board’s goal to complete this project was achieved on July 9, 2008. A copy of the completed and adopted Board Policies and By-Laws are available to the public at the Blake School District Office.

In the summer of 2009, we assembled a complete listing of all State of California Educational Standards for grades K-8th, for subjects of English, Math, History/Social Science, P.E., Science and Visual/Performing Arts. These grade specific standards will be sent to every parent at the beginning of the school year and reviewed in the Fall during Parent-Teacher Conferences. A complete copy of the State of California Educational Standards will be available at the Blake School Office during regular school hours. We encourage our parents to know what our goals are for their students and the expected standards we are teaching toward.